Sunday, 8 May 2011

New Undergarment

She bought some new undergarments the other day, one of which i love a lot. I have got to admit, her boobies are fantastic. Beautiful. But in those new bra, it is out of this world.

i was away for the weekend. We took the opportunity to meet up before i left. We went out for a drink. She was in her shirt that night. We had a great time chit-chatting about almost everything.

When it's time to go home, as always i will steal a kiss onto her lips when we got into the car. Then she will kiss me back. And then i will smile and buckle my seat belt before driving off.

Me and my itchy hands. i groped her over her shirt and slid my hand into it to feel her breast underneath the thin fabric. Tonight, it felt different. It was more.....pushy. She was wearing the new bra she wanted to show me. It was really nice. Really nice.

She unbuckled me, and took out my cock. It wasn't hard, but i was pretty much aroused watching her breast in those new push-ups. We were on our way back. I was driving. She started giving me a blowjob in the car. She did it before, and i loved it. She knows how to make me feel good with my cock in her mouth.

i started driving around aimlessly, into those not so congested roads and reduced my speed to the slowest possible. The slurping sound she was making is driving me crazy. It's always a touch challenge not to cum whenever she blows me.

i didn't cum that night. i don't need to. i enjoyed the process all the way, and the thrill of doing it in public is just something different.


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