Friday, 28 October 2011

Unusually Usual Activities

It's not always had to be sex, although we do enjoy it a lot. Every single time when we hang out, we would end up having each others genitals in our mouth. Not planned out though.

Tonight we had an unusual activity. Went out for dessert. Then smoke. Then home. On the way home, Judy drove while my finger flick endlessly on her favorite spot. The spot where my tongue would normally lick in delight. The spot where it's like a tab, you turn it on and water keep flowing. The spot that would turn her on.

That's it. Nothing went on further. It was quite a tease for Judy, something i'd like to get back on her for doing the same to me. Apparently it was fun teasing, knowing that both of us want each other but we couldn't do it. The anticipation just got us looking forward for our next session.