Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stupid & Forgetful

That's me!

Last night we made plans to meet up for some intimate time together. I picked her up at our usual meet  up time, went for a drink, drove around town while chatting in the car, and finally when the time is right, we drove to our nest where we could have uninterrupted although not very comfortable, intimate time together.

i stopped the car right outside the building, stopped the engine and realized i did not bring the keys. i was devastated. i had been waiting for tonight for so long and i blew it because i forgot the keys! Damn it!

She knows i wanted her real bad. As we drove off with the disappointed look on my face, she started fondling my deflated cock, which of course did not stay deflated for long. She whipped it out while i was still driving and started stroking it. i was going crazy with that feeling.

i started driving slower and almost aimlessly as he licks and suck my now stiff and hardened cock real hard. i couldn't concentrate on my driving so i knew i had to stop. i drove to a more secluded place, park at one side, off the engine, and practically jumped onto her, fondling her beautiful breast while kissing her lips like a hungry puppy wanting milk.

i asked her to remove her pants so i could finger her. She told me i did a great hand-job to her. All those flicking, rubbing, petting and fingering filled the car with her loud moan. i just love that sound she made. i know i made her felt good. i almost had her finished until a car passed by and she lost it.

i did get my share of fun too as she finishes me off in her mouth. She swallows but tonight she says i had a big load so some of it spilled. Although we knew we would have much more fun if i wasn't so forgetful about the keys, but tonight is still not bad.


Friday, 20 May 2011

Making Kinky Love To You

She told me yesterday night that we had not make love to each other for quite awhile now. She was right. It has been awhile. There wasn't much opportunities lately.

That left me thinking alot about our last few times doing it. We tried several things together before. We made passionate love to each other with lots of kissing and fondling each other. We tried rough sex where there was a lot of slapping involved. We tried anal sex, which wasn't too successful without the lubricants.

But there's one thing she doesn't let me do with her. To finish on her face. Moneyshot.

Like in the video, i think i might want to try this the next time we had the chance to make love again. We'll do the doggy style, and i'll cum on her face. No harm hoping right?


Wednesday, 18 May 2011

missing him part 2

Hi Jacob,

Sleepless night. And i miss you sleep by my side.
When can we have this chance again, to hug and sleep together?
i really miss you right now.
i'm missing you damn much right now.
Can i just wake u up and tell u this?
I think u'll kill me if i do so :)

Judy the Coward

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Break-Up

i feel really bad. She broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. i know she is sad. i know she's trying to hide it. i know she's trying not to cry. He meant something to her, even though they argue over small matters a lot.

i tried to make her laugh, i tried to make her happier. i wasn't successful. i made stupid faces. i sang for her. got no lame jokes to tell her this time around but i tried pulling out a conversation so she could put her mind somewhere else. i wasn't successful.

i feel really bad. Partly because i can't make her feel better. Partly because when she is sad, i feels sad too. But mostly because i'm actually happy she finally broke up with the boyfriend. i'm such a jerk! A selfish jerk.

Sending her home, we didn't talk much. i ran out of ideas to make her laugh. We hugged. We kissed. But i know she's not feeling happy inside. What can i do to make her feel better?

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Missing him

i wonder if he misses me like i did's been few days since i last saw and kissed him.
i wonder what is he doing now..
Sleep? Watching tv (again)?
I really wish to call and date him ...but i'm not sure if he is available tonight.
How i wish i can spend my everyday with him, waking up besides him every morning, prepare breakfast for him before he head off to office, wash his dirty clothes, watch his favorite movies together, sing our favourite songs loudly together, exchange lame jokes to make each other happy, kiss him goodnite before he sleep.

-Judy the dreamer-

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chitty Chatty

We were out for a drink last night. Nothing hanky-panky. Felt kind of missing her so i asked her out. We went to this place where we have been there several times, and not too often people we know would go there so that makes it quite a good spot to hang out. Even though we were to bump into anyone we know, can't friends just hang out from time to time?

Normally, they would have someone singing on stage but last night there weren't. So it was quite perfect to chit-chat. i realized because we don't have much time spent together, we seldom just sit down and chit-chat. Which made last night quite an enjoyable night because all we did was just that. No heavy kissing. No foreplay. No blowjob. No naughty moment. Just 2 person chit-chatting with each other about everything. Just like normal couples would. Which was really nice if you ask me.

Sending her back, we were still chatting. About almost everything. We were both laughing along the way. Reaching her place, i leaned over to give her a soft peck on her  lips. She kissed me back before she got off. To me, that moment there was pure and sweet. What a nice way to end a day.


Sunday, 8 May 2011

New Undergarment

She bought some new undergarments the other day, one of which i love a lot. I have got to admit, her boobies are fantastic. Beautiful. But in those new bra, it is out of this world.

i was away for the weekend. We took the opportunity to meet up before i left. We went out for a drink. She was in her shirt that night. We had a great time chit-chatting about almost everything.

When it's time to go home, as always i will steal a kiss onto her lips when we got into the car. Then she will kiss me back. And then i will smile and buckle my seat belt before driving off.

Me and my itchy hands. i groped her over her shirt and slid my hand into it to feel her breast underneath the thin fabric. Tonight, it felt different. It was more.....pushy. She was wearing the new bra she wanted to show me. It was really nice. Really nice.

She unbuckled me, and took out my cock. It wasn't hard, but i was pretty much aroused watching her breast in those new push-ups. We were on our way back. I was driving. She started giving me a blowjob in the car. She did it before, and i loved it. She knows how to make me feel good with my cock in her mouth.

i started driving around aimlessly, into those not so congested roads and reduced my speed to the slowest possible. The slurping sound she was making is driving me crazy. It's always a touch challenge not to cum whenever she blows me.

i didn't cum that night. i don't need to. i enjoyed the process all the way, and the thrill of doing it in public is just something different.


Wednesday, 4 May 2011

First time I cried in front of him...
It's not that bad after made me crave even more for his hugs and kiss..
And i missed him right after he get down from my car.
I wished to shout at his name and beg for another hug + kiss..

P/S: Yeah i do admit that i sometimes smell like cigarrete and beer, but i guess you are already addicted to it. You've grown accustomed to my smell... :)

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I love the feeling of hugging you. Yes i rily do.

Although sometimes you smells like cigarette and beer, nevertheless i do enjoy the feeling of having my arms wrapped around you and yours around me. How i can hear your breathing so near my ears, how i can feel the warmth of your body in the rainy night, how i can feel your chest expanding at every breath you took.

i'm sorry i made you cry.
i'm sorry for always being so harsh on you.
i'm sorry i'm always to disappointing.

But i really do love you.

Hi Jacob,

I miss you so much...

I always wondering, why me? There's so many pretty and better girls out there, why me?

Monday, 2 May 2011

Cock & Boobies on Webcam

We were debating about my penis size. i think it's small, she think it's big enough. Of course i would think that she said that to make me feel better about myself. i know i'm not small, but big? i don't think i'm anywhere near that.

"Measure it"

"What? Like right now?"

"No tomorrow. Right now of course. Duh!"

But of course i can't. i wasn't horny at that time so my cock wasn't hard. It was already quite late at night at that time so we both needed to sleep soon. Most important of all, we were not in the same room. We were looking at each other chatting through a webcam.

"Need me to give you a hand?"


"Guess what color bra i'm wearing now?"

Now that caught my attention. Of course i made some wild guesses. Black, no. Pink, no.Not wearing any, bingo.

"i don't believe you. Prove it to me"

"Ok, unbutton me then"

She was toying with me. She knew i can't. No matter how technologically advanced the internet chatting tools are nowadays, i can't just stretch my hand into my lcd screen and unbutton her. Then she unbutton herself one by one, revealing a little bit by a little bit of what was underneath her shirt. She really wasn't wearing anything underneath.

"Oh, i can't see clearly. Show me more"

She then showed me one nipple, pinching herself and rubbing around her breast. She got my cock hard. And then she showed me the other nipple. i was ready to measure myself. And of course no surprise, my 5 inches short cock was only 1.5 inches wide. How is that big?

Nevertheless, it was our first time showing each other our body parts on webcam. Is it even secured?