Thursday, 3 May 2012

When You're Gone

After you are gone, my cock had been facing depression for a long, long time. Up until that day we had a brief moment where your lips kisses the tip of my cock. That brief moment where my hardened cock was gently sucked on. That brief moment where my hardened cock was lubricated by your saliva as you move up and down on my shaft while your tongue hitting me on all the right places. That one brief moment was really a great moment. My cock was no longer as depress as it is before that, although i did hope that you would finish me that day. But of course, it was a brief moment and that's all.

i'm happy we're still seeing each other from time to time, although the intimacy had been greatly reduced. However, being able to hold your hands, to kiss your cheek, to hug you close to me seems to be much satisfying than before. Maybe because i miss you more? Maybe because you are with someone else now? Maybe because i'm going out of my mind?

Somehow or rather, i still don't feel that my cock is as happy still. It looks sad, frail, unexcited. Will you cure me of my depression?