Monday, 27 June 2011

A Great Night

That night was great. After so long, we finally got a chance to share intimate moments together again.By that i meant sex!

It's been more than a month the last my cock feel the warmth of her juicy love nest. This time we had a chance to play with her pink vibrator.  I had to say, it was quite good as Judy play around the stick on me. I've never felt that before, no wonder you can get orgasm with that thing.

We made slow intimate love to each other before i spill all my love juice onto her back in a doggy style position. She then suck my not so hard cock of the left over cum. That feeling was fucking nice! If Judy could start off a little bit gentler, and slowly sucking it hard, we could have gone on a second round.

i'm missing those time where we could spend the rest of the night in the hotel room, cuddling after sex and talk about it, telling each other what we liked about the session and what we don't. Then we would kiss and foreplay into another round of intimate sex all the way throughout the night. That would be crazy.

i'm looking forward for our next hotel trip. Then we could snap more pictures.


Friday, 17 June 2011

It's been.......awhile....

We were out for dinner the other day. So public as if there isn't anything to hide. We met some of her friends at the diner, we acted so naturally there isn't anything to be suspicious of. Maybe due to the nature of her job she is often seen having dinner with lots of people.

We kissed in the car on a busy street as if we had nothing to be afraid of, nothing to worry about. Passing cars next to ours didn't bother us too much, or maybe we just didn't care too much.

She gave me a good head while i was driving. So good i couldn't concentrate i need to stop one side and let her finish. But i didn't finish.

i fingered her in the car. Her moaning was loud. She was wet. She wants me inside her. Cum inside her.Her longing made her more aroused than she was knowing that her longing will not happen tonight. i stopped when my fingers we soaked with her love juice. i lick it all off my fingers before i start fingering her again.

It's been awhile since......we last made love to each other.


Thursday, 9 June 2011


We visited a local karaoke place last night.We like to sing, the both of us. This is something common that we share. And we sing quite good too. Well, at least in tune and not too far off pitch.

We were ushered to a secluded room with a pillar in the room which blocked off the view from the entrance. At first i didn't like it because i thought the room was a little too dark because of that. We couldn't be too bothered with that so we started singing to our hearts content.

i love it when she sings. i think she is really good at it. Every now and then i would steal a kiss on her cheek or her forehead. And i wanted more. So i slid my hand underneath her skirt and started rubbing her. She couldn't sing anymore. i did this for as long as a song or two before it was my turn to sing.

So i got hold of my microphone and started to sing my song. And she started unbuckling my belt, zipper down and my hardened cock out. She stroke it slowly while i sing, and then faster and harder but i was still singing. Then she started sucking me. i had to stop completely. i couldn't even remember the words to sing the song. But she keep going and going and going......until i finally came.

This is one of those crazy things we do. Our first time blowjob and finishing in a karaoke room.


Monday, 6 June 2011

Early Birthday Present

I got her an early birthday present. It's something i think all girls should have at least one. It's shaped like a test tube. It's pink in color. It vibrates.

You don't need to be a genius to figure that out right?

I have got no choice but to give this to her as an early present due to several reasons. Her birthday is actually a couple of weeks away, but i'm not sure nearer to date either of us got the time meet up or not. And coincidentally we had a chance to meet up that fateful Saturday.

We checked into a hotel. We kissed. We fondled. We got naked. When i'm ready for penetration, i hold up. i took out her pink toy and gave it to her.

"Happy Birthday" i said.

Perfect time to use this right now. i switched it on to the first level vibration mode and place it nearer to her pussy. i know she loved it. Her moan was loud. Her eyes closed. Her back arched. She's dripping wet. When she had gotten used to the vibration, i turn it up to level 2 vibration, and started kissing her nipple.

i used the pink toy on her during our love making session in as many way i can. i'm not sure when will we have the chance to be so intimate again. This is perhaps the best love making session we have been in together.