Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Amazing Weekend Getaway

Last weekend was great! Best weekend sex ever!

Judy checked into the hotel at around 2pm, i arrived at 3pm. She was already in her undergarments when i got there. We had some short chats on some crazy things we wanted to try this weekend. Judy requested rough sex, a scene like i'm raping her. She loves it when i do that.

It started off with some heavy kissing. My hand soon travel down south and gently caress her mount over her lacy panty. She was already wet, i can feel her moist on my finger on the outside of her undergarment. Removing the panty, my tongue glide up and down her moist pussy, drinking up her juice. Her moans make me go crazy. And then we had our first round of sex which includes her pink toy, some lubricants, lots of slapping and spanking, and ending with anal sex. i finished in her ass, the first time ever i've tried this in my life, same thing for Judy.

We shower, we chat, we had some cakes and about an hour later, we had our second round of sex. i was almost exhausted at this point, but it's time for dinner so food is good to re-energize my body. We went for Japanese food, and went for beer after that. Drinking session was rather relaxing. We chat, we played cards and darts. It was really fun.

Reaching the hotel, we watch the dvd we were supposed to watch but we couldn't finish the show because both of us were horny again. We did our third round of the day and by the time i was finished, i was exhausted i fell asleep almost instantly. This is the only time in my entire life to fuck and cum 3 times within a short 12 hours period. Do not try this at home. It's been a couple of days and i have not felt being horny since Saturday round 3. Guess i'm burnt out!


Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Excited for the weekend

In a nutshell, cat is away, the mice comes out to play.

We made plans to fuck like crazy this coming weekend. Getting a hotel, checking in at noon. Fuck. Grab lunch. Fuck. Grab a movie & dinner. Grab some beers. Fuck.

Really can't wait. The feeling of having my cock in her mouth when i blast my load of cum is addictive. Judy knows exactly what to do when it comes to pleasuring me. She knows how to get me hard again after i'm limp. She knows how to make me cum again.

We're doing some crazy shit this weekend too. Sex in public area. Working on that one right now. Just can't wait.


Thursday, 14 July 2011


My first sexting experience started with Judy. It was on one of those time when we hadn't been together too much because of various reason; hectic schedules, wrong timing, traveling. We were longing to be in each other's arm, longing to feel the warmth of our skin on each other, but couldn't.

It's kind of like tonight when it's drizzling outside my window, and i hear rain drop falling on the pavement and we were chatting with each other online. Sex has always been a topic of conversation between us. Nothing to be ashamed of, sex with her was great. In fact the best i have ever had. And i tell her that all the time. Nothing to hide from. It's the truth.

After the first time, there were a few more times where we text each other some private pictures of ourselves to one another to tease and also to fulfill our thirst for one another. i don't know about her but my little brother down there was sure happy after receiving those text from her.

Here's a recent one of her, she's on her chair, topless with her panties slightly soaked from her wetness. She was playing with her toy i gave her for her birthday present. i return the favor of course with a photo my my hardened cock dripping of cum.


Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Pre-holiday night with him

My Jacob will be away for trip. We usually will meet up for intimacy the night before anyone of us away from each other. And this time is not an exceptional. However, we just met up for a drinking session instead of spending time in a private room as he's not feeling well for any extreme activities; sex.

We talked about almost everything; work, friends, life, girls, guys, celebrities. I enjoy watching him talking, making lame jokes and I can’t control myself to touch his face, in public. Time flies super fast when spending time with him.

On the way back home, he put his hand on my lap; caress my skin so slowly and gently. I slowly slide my hand into his pants. To my surprise, his lovely stick is very hard and stiff. I can’t help myself to take it out and stroke it slowly. I lowered my head until my tongue touch the tip of his erected cock. It's so juicy and tasty..

I tried many ways to lick and suck him that night. Different ways to move my tongue from his cock tip to the shaft and back to the tip. From the expression and the way he moan, i know he like it. Very much. Sucking him gives me a very great satisfaction. And i know he's fighting very hard to not to cum.

I do let him play with my clits. And yeah, I'm in paradise too. I was wet. Very wet. How i wish to make love with him on that night. I continue to suck him and make him scream and beg for more. he finally can’t hold it anymore, he cum-ed. And i let his cum filled my whole mouth and slowly, i take it all. It's delicious.

I licked him clean. And drove back to his house. I know i will miss him alot when he's away from me.

P/S:  I am starting to plan for our next hotel trip when he's back. Faster come back. :)