Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Wish List

Found a list of things that we could try out to spice up our love making session. Of course, looking through the list, some of these we have tried before. Let's see if we can complete the list.

Have anal
Have a threesome
Engage in group sex
Have phone sex
Use a vibrator
Use a sex toy on someone else
Be tied up
Tie someone up
Have sex in a public space
Be a voyeur and watch others having sex
Sex in a car
Sex at a drive-in
Mile-high club
Sex on a boatSex in a body of water
Light spanking
Read erotica
Play strip poker/Monopoly/card game
Sex in the shower
Sex standing up against a wall
Sex with no kissing
Sex in the pitch black
Sex in the broad daylight
Making out with no sex
Sex in a tent in the wilderness
Watch porn together
Watch porn alone
Learn to give yourself multiple orgasms
Sex on the beach
Using ice sexually
Sexual role play
Whipped cream
Lingerie sex
A quickie in a skirtA longie in the rain
Sex in the ocean while people swim all around you
Feather ticklers
Sex while "altered" whether by alcohol or something else
Learn to orgasm in less than five minutes from intercourse alone
Silent sex in a full house

Monday, 19 September 2011

In The Dark

It was a rainy afternoon. We switched off the room light, and started kissing in the dark. We were soon naked and soon after her lips were wrapped around my stiff rod. We soon started making passionate love to each other and like any other time, i soon came inside of her.

i withdrew myself, and went down on her hoping to catch my own cum flowing out of Judy's pussy. Nothing much came out of her. i was still hard then, surprisingly. Judy suck me gently for awhile and i was ready to go into her again. I try to move a bit faster this time considering i just came, shouldn't be able to cum again anytime soon. i was wrong.

i finish second time inside her again, and this time i tried what i missed the first time. A little bit flow out. It tasted good. By now, my hips are a little bit tired from all the movements. I requested Judy to suck me gently. Judy had a way of handling my cock, she knew what to do that will make me squirm in ecstasy. With one hand sliding up and down along my shaft, while her lips wrapped around the tip of my cock, her tongue licking endlessly, i came the third time.

Judy swallowed everything, suck one last drop and swapped into my mouth. We kissed passionately. i was still hard. Judy knew there's still some juice left in me she needs to milk dry. She stroke me hard this time, and in matter of minutes i came again. She suck every last drop of it. This time, my cock finally went limp.

All this on a rainy afternoon, in a dark room.


Wednesday, 14 September 2011

It's been.......awhile....

It has been almost a month since i felt the warmth of your body next to mine.
i miss waking up in the morning to see your face without make up.
i miss kissing you in the morning when our hair is in a mess from sleep.
i miss laying next to your naked body, with my then soft cock in between your butt cheeks.
i miss cupping your breast with my palm from behind while i nibble your ear and listening to the sound of your soft moaning.
i miss the cuddling underneath the blanket with you after showering together.
i miss unloading my week long cum inside you and see it drip out from your pussy.
i miss pumping my hard cock in and out of your pussy while i hold your leg with one hand, and your neck with the other.
i miss licking and sucking on your wet pussy.
i miss having my cock in your hands and mouth.
i miss you.


Friday, 9 September 2011

A Night Well Spent

Backdated visit to the hotel for an overnight stay with Judy. This time it wasn't as extreme as our last visit. I was drained then but this time it's much more relaxing and fun.

We met in the hotel separately as per planning. Judy was in her short jeans skirt that day. She looked absolutely gorgeous wearing skirts. She had nice legs, not to mention her cute looking butt. We kissed, we undressed, and i started licking her. i've always enjoyed the taste of her down under. The texture of her juice flowing out from her pussy is the most amazing juice i've ever tasted. I know she likes my tongue tickling and twirling her clitoris, because everytime i do that, she will moan louder and she will get very wet.

Oral sex between us is like a competition. We are always in a race to make the other party feels better. Did i ever mentioned that Judy gave me the best blowjob i've ever known in my life? She knows exactly when to lick, exactly when to suck. And it's always a challenge holding back not to cum everytime she had my cock in her mouth.

For the next hour, we had sex. Pounding her bare pussy slowly, and the fast and hard. And then slowly again in various positions. She always let me cum inside her, which i always do. But this time around, i'd like to see her covered in my cum.

We then went on for dinner, some beer and pool game, before going back to the room for more action. i was kind of tired by the time we reach back but Judy got me so aroused, i can't say no. Oh, when would we do this again?