Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Last One of the Year

It was the best i've had since.....i can't remember when. Our love making session is not just about the sex, but also how intense it was for the both of us while we were at it. Prior to this time, there wasn't much chance for us to even meet up, what's more to have any passionate love making.

i had been looking forward for that meeting up for a long time. It was something special to us. A year ago around that date, we had sex for the first time ever. We got a hotel room, fuck like a bunny for 3 times that night, and left the next day wanting for more. Well, i'm not bragging about it but Judy was that good at what she does! There was once she made me cum 4 times in one afternoon. i'm serious she was that good.

We got back to our safe-house after dinner. We would usually chit-chat a little, kiss gently, and slowly built up the momentum to foreplay and penetration. But that night, once the door closes behind us, we were kissing passionately almost immediately, clothes were off as quickly as you can say OhMyGodI'mGoingToGetLuckyWithAHottieTonight.

She was already man-handling (or should i say lady-handling?) my hardened cock with her lips even before my pants came off. Every movement of her tongue, her fingers, her lips brought unexplainable ecstasy to me. i love it when it's my turn to lick her. Her reaction and moaning got me wanting more. The taste and the scent from her love nest makes me go on and on with the licking. The more i go, the wetter she got.

When my cock had finally found it's way to her love nest, she was very well lubricated by then, but still it was tight. Using a little force to push it in gives out a good moan. We started on the sofa with me on top, then doggie style, followed by cow-girl on the floor and finishes up with doggie style. It was a good 1.5 hours of passionate love making, which i am looking forward to do again tonight!

Chances to meet up are rare so i might as well take all the chances i get, right?


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  1. Congrats on your anniversary and hope both of you enjoyed the celebration!

    You guys have been a source of inspiration for us too as we are also in similar circumstances as you.

    Best wishes
    Sky & Phoenix