Wednesday, 15 February 2012

February Intimacy

There had been several times between January & February where Judy & I had the chance to spend a lot of intimate time together. There had been several times during that period where i was having some problems with my wife as well. Judy gave me comfort during those times, although we didn't talked about it much. Maybe that is why i felt better.

I'm going to talk about our first fuck in February. It was broad daylight during the weekdays. We made plans to grab lunch together, but goodies for me i had more than lunch that afternoon. I left work way much earlier than i was supposed to, grab a quick lunch with Judy and checked into a nearby hotel for some time to be alone with her.

The whole love making session lasted only an hour, but it was an hour of pure ecstasy & lust. Clothes were quickly stripped off of our bodies, we were exchanging tongues and our hands are stroking each other at our most private part.

Judy was fast to grab my already hardened cock towards her soft lips. She worked her way deeper & deeper until i could feel the tip of my cock at the back of her throat, where she would then slowly glide back up and had her tongue twirl around the top.

Judy had always loved the way i lick her down there. i had mentioned this in almost all of the other post before today as well. We had a conversation the other day about this, and apparently there are guys out there who refuses to satisfy their partner by means of cunnilingus or crudely put, muff-diving. I personally think that this is one of the best way to start off an intimate love making session. The way i could tease her clits slowly or rapidly with my tongue. The way i could taste her juice dripping out from her vagina. This way when both of us is ready, the penetration would be well lubricated and sex would be most enjoyable.

We took the liberty of doing it in every positions we could imagine, since we are in the privacy of a nice hotel room. When i finally finished, i spread my love juice over her breast. It was dripping down so quickly, it was quite a mess.

Valentine's Day, we spent a short time together in the car, where i received a short but never short of ecstasy kind of blowjob. i couldn't finish up, some interruptions came through.i'm looking forward for next week, where we have plans to meet up again. Until then.


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