Monday, 26 March 2012

The Thin Red Line

Some people told me, there is a thin red line in between love and hate. i disagree for most part of it. The opposite of love must not necessarily be hate. It is definitely not something good of course, but to hate, i don't think so.

That thin red line should be separating the feeling of love, and the feeling of a stranger. If you swing to one extreme, and you can't hold on when you are there, you will swing all the way to the other extreme of becoming strangers with each other. You don't know what to talk to her. You get pissed off easily by the slightest disagreement. Slowly you drift apart from her. And both of you, once in love so deeply with each other, become strangers again.

i think this feeling is worst than hate. Hating someone, you still have a tinge of feeling towards that person. You're probably hating that person because of some misunderstanding. The feeling of becoming strangers. That's it! You're done for! There will be no relation whatsoever in between the two of you anymore. Period. The end.

You always say, this breakup i've never shed a tear. That means i'm not that sad. Maybe you are right. Maybe you're wrong. But i can tell you, it hurt like hell deep inside of me. It feels like someone is squeezing my heart with his bare hands so it can't pump normally. It feels like there's cotton balls in my lung so i can't breathe properly. It feels like nails in my stomach so it stings every time i move. It sure hurt like hell, what i'm feeling inside. But no, there are no tear drops from my eyes.


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