Monday, 6 June 2011

Early Birthday Present

I got her an early birthday present. It's something i think all girls should have at least one. It's shaped like a test tube. It's pink in color. It vibrates.

You don't need to be a genius to figure that out right?

I have got no choice but to give this to her as an early present due to several reasons. Her birthday is actually a couple of weeks away, but i'm not sure nearer to date either of us got the time meet up or not. And coincidentally we had a chance to meet up that fateful Saturday.

We checked into a hotel. We kissed. We fondled. We got naked. When i'm ready for penetration, i hold up. i took out her pink toy and gave it to her.

"Happy Birthday" i said.

Perfect time to use this right now. i switched it on to the first level vibration mode and place it nearer to her pussy. i know she loved it. Her moan was loud. Her eyes closed. Her back arched. She's dripping wet. When she had gotten used to the vibration, i turn it up to level 2 vibration, and started kissing her nipple.

i used the pink toy on her during our love making session in as many way i can. i'm not sure when will we have the chance to be so intimate again. This is perhaps the best love making session we have been in together.


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