Thursday, 9 June 2011


We visited a local karaoke place last night.We like to sing, the both of us. This is something common that we share. And we sing quite good too. Well, at least in tune and not too far off pitch.

We were ushered to a secluded room with a pillar in the room which blocked off the view from the entrance. At first i didn't like it because i thought the room was a little too dark because of that. We couldn't be too bothered with that so we started singing to our hearts content.

i love it when she sings. i think she is really good at it. Every now and then i would steal a kiss on her cheek or her forehead. And i wanted more. So i slid my hand underneath her skirt and started rubbing her. She couldn't sing anymore. i did this for as long as a song or two before it was my turn to sing.

So i got hold of my microphone and started to sing my song. And she started unbuckling my belt, zipper down and my hardened cock out. She stroke it slowly while i sing, and then faster and harder but i was still singing. Then she started sucking me. i had to stop completely. i couldn't even remember the words to sing the song. But she keep going and going and going......until i finally came.

This is one of those crazy things we do. Our first time blowjob and finishing in a karaoke room.


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