Monday, 27 June 2011

A Great Night

That night was great. After so long, we finally got a chance to share intimate moments together again.By that i meant sex!

It's been more than a month the last my cock feel the warmth of her juicy love nest. This time we had a chance to play with her pink vibrator.  I had to say, it was quite good as Judy play around the stick on me. I've never felt that before, no wonder you can get orgasm with that thing.

We made slow intimate love to each other before i spill all my love juice onto her back in a doggy style position. She then suck my not so hard cock of the left over cum. That feeling was fucking nice! If Judy could start off a little bit gentler, and slowly sucking it hard, we could have gone on a second round.

i'm missing those time where we could spend the rest of the night in the hotel room, cuddling after sex and talk about it, telling each other what we liked about the session and what we don't. Then we would kiss and foreplay into another round of intimate sex all the way throughout the night. That would be crazy.

i'm looking forward for our next hotel trip. Then we could snap more pictures.


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