Thursday, 14 July 2011


My first sexting experience started with Judy. It was on one of those time when we hadn't been together too much because of various reason; hectic schedules, wrong timing, traveling. We were longing to be in each other's arm, longing to feel the warmth of our skin on each other, but couldn't.

It's kind of like tonight when it's drizzling outside my window, and i hear rain drop falling on the pavement and we were chatting with each other online. Sex has always been a topic of conversation between us. Nothing to be ashamed of, sex with her was great. In fact the best i have ever had. And i tell her that all the time. Nothing to hide from. It's the truth.

After the first time, there were a few more times where we text each other some private pictures of ourselves to one another to tease and also to fulfill our thirst for one another. i don't know about her but my little brother down there was sure happy after receiving those text from her.

Here's a recent one of her, she's on her chair, topless with her panties slightly soaked from her wetness. She was playing with her toy i gave her for her birthday present. i return the favor of course with a photo my my hardened cock dripping of cum.


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