Wednesday, 27 July 2011

The Amazing Weekend Getaway

Last weekend was great! Best weekend sex ever!

Judy checked into the hotel at around 2pm, i arrived at 3pm. She was already in her undergarments when i got there. We had some short chats on some crazy things we wanted to try this weekend. Judy requested rough sex, a scene like i'm raping her. She loves it when i do that.

It started off with some heavy kissing. My hand soon travel down south and gently caress her mount over her lacy panty. She was already wet, i can feel her moist on my finger on the outside of her undergarment. Removing the panty, my tongue glide up and down her moist pussy, drinking up her juice. Her moans make me go crazy. And then we had our first round of sex which includes her pink toy, some lubricants, lots of slapping and spanking, and ending with anal sex. i finished in her ass, the first time ever i've tried this in my life, same thing for Judy.

We shower, we chat, we had some cakes and about an hour later, we had our second round of sex. i was almost exhausted at this point, but it's time for dinner so food is good to re-energize my body. We went for Japanese food, and went for beer after that. Drinking session was rather relaxing. We chat, we played cards and darts. It was really fun.

Reaching the hotel, we watch the dvd we were supposed to watch but we couldn't finish the show because both of us were horny again. We did our third round of the day and by the time i was finished, i was exhausted i fell asleep almost instantly. This is the only time in my entire life to fuck and cum 3 times within a short 12 hours period. Do not try this at home. It's been a couple of days and i have not felt being horny since Saturday round 3. Guess i'm burnt out!


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