Thursday, 4 August 2011

In The Rain

Haven't really got the time for Judy for the past couple of weeks. Work load has been overwhelming, i was practically working late everyday even when i'm back at the comfort of my home. Up until yesterday i was finally able to meet her up at a local fast food chain. We had ice-creams and smoke. It was a rainy night and the wind was chilly and nice. We chat the whole night, catching up, small arguments here and there, more catching up and when it's almost midnight, we head back.

This time was completely unplanned for. Judy just ate me in the car, finished me up in just 10 minutes. It is amazing what that tiny mouth of hers was able to do. Post-mortem, she admitted giving me a blowjob turns her on too, my reaction from what she do keeps her experimenting on how to improve her skill. i'm glad i'm her guinea pig.

The rainy night, the good blowjob, my night sleep was perfect!


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