Friday, 9 September 2011

A Night Well Spent

Backdated visit to the hotel for an overnight stay with Judy. This time it wasn't as extreme as our last visit. I was drained then but this time it's much more relaxing and fun.

We met in the hotel separately as per planning. Judy was in her short jeans skirt that day. She looked absolutely gorgeous wearing skirts. She had nice legs, not to mention her cute looking butt. We kissed, we undressed, and i started licking her. i've always enjoyed the taste of her down under. The texture of her juice flowing out from her pussy is the most amazing juice i've ever tasted. I know she likes my tongue tickling and twirling her clitoris, because everytime i do that, she will moan louder and she will get very wet.

Oral sex between us is like a competition. We are always in a race to make the other party feels better. Did i ever mentioned that Judy gave me the best blowjob i've ever known in my life? She knows exactly when to lick, exactly when to suck. And it's always a challenge holding back not to cum everytime she had my cock in her mouth.

For the next hour, we had sex. Pounding her bare pussy slowly, and the fast and hard. And then slowly again in various positions. She always let me cum inside her, which i always do. But this time around, i'd like to see her covered in my cum.

We then went on for dinner, some beer and pool game, before going back to the room for more action. i was kind of tired by the time we reach back but Judy got me so aroused, i can't say no. Oh, when would we do this again?


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