Monday, 19 September 2011

In The Dark

It was a rainy afternoon. We switched off the room light, and started kissing in the dark. We were soon naked and soon after her lips were wrapped around my stiff rod. We soon started making passionate love to each other and like any other time, i soon came inside of her.

i withdrew myself, and went down on her hoping to catch my own cum flowing out of Judy's pussy. Nothing much came out of her. i was still hard then, surprisingly. Judy suck me gently for awhile and i was ready to go into her again. I try to move a bit faster this time considering i just came, shouldn't be able to cum again anytime soon. i was wrong.

i finish second time inside her again, and this time i tried what i missed the first time. A little bit flow out. It tasted good. By now, my hips are a little bit tired from all the movements. I requested Judy to suck me gently. Judy had a way of handling my cock, she knew what to do that will make me squirm in ecstasy. With one hand sliding up and down along my shaft, while her lips wrapped around the tip of my cock, her tongue licking endlessly, i came the third time.

Judy swallowed everything, suck one last drop and swapped into my mouth. We kissed passionately. i was still hard. Judy knew there's still some juice left in me she needs to milk dry. She stroke me hard this time, and in matter of minutes i came again. She suck every last drop of it. This time, my cock finally went limp.

All this on a rainy afternoon, in a dark room.


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