Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Making Out

Our relationship is weird now. We still meet each other almost everyday. We still kiss everytime we meet. Don't get me wrong, i love seeing her again, and i love kissing her sweet, soft lips.

It was just the other day, we met up for high-tea. We sat and chat for some time, and after getting the bill, both of us had the need to visit the washroom. It wasn't planned on, i really needed to pee. When i'm done, Judy too just finished her business. i have no idea why, i went into the ladies, close the door & lock it behind me. i walked up to Judy, grab her waist and pushed her to the wall. We started kissing each other. It was so passionate i almost fainted. My hands were grabbing her firm E-cup breast, while letting her know my cock was hard from this. I move the other hand into her shorts, and start fingering her spot the way she liked it.

The sad part is, that's it. Nothing happened afterwards. Neither of us got naked. We did not had sex. No eating each other out. Probably because we were in a public toilet, mind you a ladies toilet. But most probably because deep down inside i know that Judy wanted to be a good girlfriend. She is attached now. Again and again i have mentioned that i don't want to screw up her happiness, but times and times again i did compromising stuffs together with her.

Did i do wrong? Does enjoying the company of each other made us cheating on our spouse? Is it OK if we kissed, does that made us bad people?



  1. I can sense the passion in your writing. When I read how you walked in and locked the door I thought, "How romantic!!!" because, well, it is.

  2. The passion was also the first thing that struck me. You are lucky to have it with someone even if it's not the person you expected it to be.

  3. Thanks. i wish good things will come my way.