Monday, 23 April 2012

A Sweet Good Night Kiss

i drove up to Judy's house after coming back from a drink with a friend. She got into my car and we drove around the blocks just chit-chatting. i missed her a lot over the weekends. i saw her pictures on Facebook, with the new boyfriend. Judy was absolutely beautiful. Her hair was perfect, her dress just look stunning on her.

All i wanted was to see her, and kiss her good night. Mission accomplished. The kiss was very sweet. So is my Judy, beautiful as ever with her hair tied up that night. She told me she was sorry to make me feel this way. i told her this is more than i could ask from her, with her having a boyfriend but us still very much involved.

After the kiss, Judy asked me, "Is this enough for you?"
"No, but this is all that i can ask for."

We hugged. i don't feel like letting go. i miss her scent. i miss her in my arms. i miss our lips touching. i miss her.


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