Friday, 29 April 2011

Foreplay - Part 2 of Jacob's View

She pushed me against the wall and turn me around. We had our tops removed. Her left hand was placed around my neck, choking me a little bit. Her right hand was running across my chest teasing my nipple, occasionally giving me a naughty pinch.

As she run her lips and tongue from the back of my neck to downwards, her right hand follows, moving downwards as well. i had my eyes closed savoring each and every moment in paradise.Soon, she found where my cock was. It wasn't too difficult to find with the bulging on my pants. She unbuckled me and let loose the hideous creature hanging in between my crotch, hungry for more attention from warm lips, from wet pussy and definitely hungry to cum.

She pushed me down to a sitting position on the sofa. i looked at her and i couldn't resist kissing her before she starts devouring me bits by bits. She hold my cock with her left hand, and her right hand tickling my balls. She moved her lips towards my cock, and started with a slow lick from the tip of my spear, slowly moving downwards and then work her way back to the tip.

"You're so juicy"

"Do you like sucking me?"

"i love it"

i could never understand why she would use the word "juicy" when sucking my cock, but i like the ring to it. i like the slurping sound she make whenever she suck my cock. i could never keep quiet when she does that. i would moan in ecstasy, while concentrating not to cum so soon. i wanted to enjoy this moment as long as i could.

As she went faster and taking more of my cock into her mouth, the louder my moan becomes. Soon, she swallow me up to my balls, and all i can do was enjoy that moment and hold hard not to cum. It's not easy when she would twirl her tongue around the shaft of my cock towards the head as she work her way upwards again. When she reached the top, i could almost feel a small gush of cum leaked out from me. It was that amazing.

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