Thursday, 28 April 2011

Foreplay - Part 1 of Jacob's View

i grabbed her gently by her neck, pulling her towards me, her lips to mine. i gave her a small peck on the lips, and i started extending my tongue into her mouth. She reacted the same. We exchange kisses, and we both started to breath more heavily.

With my left hand still holding the back of her neck, i move my right hand to her small buttock and gave her a gentle squeeze. She gave me a small shrieked but kept on kissing me, still breathing heavily. i think she enjoyed it when i did that.

And i move my right hand towards her love nest, circling outside her pink panties, touching her mount with only a thin piece of fabric in between my hand and her skin. I slid my hand into her panties, ruffling the little hair she had underneath. Right now, she had both her hands at the back of my neck, pulling me closer towards her, still kissing me passionately, still breathing heavily.

i started rubbing her clitoris with one finger. Moving gently and slowly in the clockwise direction. She game me a soft moan.I apply a bit pressure, doing the same thing. She gave me another moan, this time not as soft. i slid my finger downwards where her love juice had already started flowing, and move it upwards again until it reaches her clitoris. And i repeat this, spreading her love juice all over her pink love nest. Now, i've gotten her really wet.

i quickly remove her panties, and the petting continues. Now, i have more space to move my hands and fingers around. She spread her legs apart, and her moans got louder as i put more pressure rubbing her c-spot. We were no longer kissing, she couldn't concentrate. i looked at her face while i linger my finger around her sensitive spot, still spreading all those love juice all over. i move faster and applying more pressure until she stopped me. She pull her leg together, with my hand still between her thighs. And she kissed me again.


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