Saturday, 30 April 2011

Foreplay - Part 3 of Jacob's View

Our lips meet again, our tongue running around each other. i'm wearing my birthday suit ever since she lock her lips onto my cock. Her breast was still trapped within her black bra, showing the cleavage clearly. She had never needed any push-ups or padded bras. Her au naturel breast is the most beautiful breast i've seen in my life.

"Take it off me"

"Keep me waiting awhile more alright?"

I stood up and rest her on the sofa instead but i pulled her sitting right at the edge. i moved in to give her a kiss on her lips, and then her chin and slowly moving down to her neck. i lick around her breast, leaving a wet trail all the way towards her belly button. My tongue lingers around her belly button and into it. She arched her back up, giving me a soft moan.

i love the way she moan, it's can turn me on almost immediately.

My tongue starts to feel dry. i started to feel thirsty. i needed some juice from her love mount, which was already wet from my petting earlier. It was still wet when my tongue reached there. She was as juicy as a fresh watermelon, as i slurp my way deeper, drinking up all the juice flowing out from her.

"You're delicious. Give me more"

She didn't say anything. But her hands pushed my head back to her love mount. I knew she liked it. i continue sliding my tongue up and down her slit while having my middle finger circling around her hole.i would occasionally stopped to suck at her clit or drink up her juice, making that slurping sound just like when u drink the last drop of coke from the bottle.

i was crazy horny at that time. i couldn't think properly anymore. The smell of her love juice on my face, my whole face was making me extremely horny. i moved myself closer to her, and guided my stiff cock into her. i've always  love that moment when i first enter her.


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