Wednesday, 27 April 2011

It Is Not Supposed To Happen But It Did

This is about a love story not meant to be.

Why, you ask? Because neither of us were singles when we got together.

I'm married. She's attached. But not to one another.
We were friends. We kissed. We fell in love with each other.
And we got too deep into each other there is no way we can get ourselves out of this unless it gets really ugly.

That day might come.

But before that, i'm counting my blessings every minute i'm able to spend with her, looking forward to the next time i'm able to see her again, able to hold her hands again, able to kiss her sweet soft lips again.

I needed to remember all the sweet memories.
All the intimate moments.
All the laughter.

This is the best way.
This is a forbidden love story after all.


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