Tuesday, 17 May 2011

The Break-Up

i feel really bad. She broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. i know she is sad. i know she's trying to hide it. i know she's trying not to cry. He meant something to her, even though they argue over small matters a lot.

i tried to make her laugh, i tried to make her happier. i wasn't successful. i made stupid faces. i sang for her. got no lame jokes to tell her this time around but i tried pulling out a conversation so she could put her mind somewhere else. i wasn't successful.

i feel really bad. Partly because i can't make her feel better. Partly because when she is sad, i feels sad too. But mostly because i'm actually happy she finally broke up with the boyfriend. i'm such a jerk! A selfish jerk.

Sending her home, we didn't talk much. i ran out of ideas to make her laugh. We hugged. We kissed. But i know she's not feeling happy inside. What can i do to make her feel better?

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