Thursday, 26 May 2011

Stupid & Forgetful

That's me!

Last night we made plans to meet up for some intimate time together. I picked her up at our usual meet  up time, went for a drink, drove around town while chatting in the car, and finally when the time is right, we drove to our nest where we could have uninterrupted although not very comfortable, intimate time together.

i stopped the car right outside the building, stopped the engine and realized i did not bring the keys. i was devastated. i had been waiting for tonight for so long and i blew it because i forgot the keys! Damn it!

She knows i wanted her real bad. As we drove off with the disappointed look on my face, she started fondling my deflated cock, which of course did not stay deflated for long. She whipped it out while i was still driving and started stroking it. i was going crazy with that feeling.

i started driving slower and almost aimlessly as he licks and suck my now stiff and hardened cock real hard. i couldn't concentrate on my driving so i knew i had to stop. i drove to a more secluded place, park at one side, off the engine, and practically jumped onto her, fondling her beautiful breast while kissing her lips like a hungry puppy wanting milk.

i asked her to remove her pants so i could finger her. She told me i did a great hand-job to her. All those flicking, rubbing, petting and fingering filled the car with her loud moan. i just love that sound she made. i know i made her felt good. i almost had her finished until a car passed by and she lost it.

i did get my share of fun too as she finishes me off in her mouth. She swallows but tonight she says i had a big load so some of it spilled. Although we knew we would have much more fun if i wasn't so forgetful about the keys, but tonight is still not bad.


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