Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Chitty Chatty

We were out for a drink last night. Nothing hanky-panky. Felt kind of missing her so i asked her out. We went to this place where we have been there several times, and not too often people we know would go there so that makes it quite a good spot to hang out. Even though we were to bump into anyone we know, can't friends just hang out from time to time?

Normally, they would have someone singing on stage but last night there weren't. So it was quite perfect to chit-chat. i realized because we don't have much time spent together, we seldom just sit down and chit-chat. Which made last night quite an enjoyable night because all we did was just that. No heavy kissing. No foreplay. No blowjob. No naughty moment. Just 2 person chit-chatting with each other about everything. Just like normal couples would. Which was really nice if you ask me.

Sending her back, we were still chatting. About almost everything. We were both laughing along the way. Reaching her place, i leaned over to give her a soft peck on her  lips. She kissed me back before she got off. To me, that moment there was pure and sweet. What a nice way to end a day.


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